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Imperial Candace Queen Michal, First Lady & Teacher
Prophet Cicero
King Prophet Peter
Candace Queen Capernaum
Queen Mother Rebecca
Queen Ephrahim
Prophet Jacob & Queen Michal
The Black Coptic Church in America is rooted and built upon the religious, theological, and psychological understanding of Prophet Cicero Patterson, also known as King Melchizedek.

Coptic Theology takes seriously the notion of Black suffering and oppression and uses scripture, tradition, and history to re-write the Black story. Concerned with the physical, spiritual, and mental well being of Blacks, Coptic theology in the tradition of Melchizedek seeks to resurrect the consciousness of Black people and reconnect them with the God who created them in the beginning.

King Melchizedek sought to institute a church and religious institution that would have as its primary goal the “birthing of the black consciousness.” Melchizedek saw a fundamental problem with the way that Whites labeled Blacks, and more so how Blacks perceived themselves and their community.

Thus, charged by God to unveil the hidden truths regarding Black Civilization, Melchizedek built a Royal Monarchy for and about blacks, with hopes that within Coptic Theology and a Coptic way of life, they would accept their statuses as the sons and daughters of God.

We the Copts, honor our Great Predecessors for their remarkable courage, fortitude, commitment, Strength and consistency.

Like the Great Light of Nature, the Sun, which does its duty, following its predestined course of benevolence, without fail or variance, daily.

We saw these, our great Masters, transform into the very attributes they taught about, right before our eyes. They BECAME that which they LOVED, and we beheld the MIRACULOUS. Thus, we are here today holding high the banner they imparted unto us. Our mission is clear.

We maintain a "high" opinion of ourselves and teach others to do the same. We know that our God, is "in" us as we are "in" Him. Therefore we develop character consistent with our teachings. We strive to be living examples of what we have come to know is true. The true worth, is not merely in the possession of a thing. Its true worth and power are in knowing how and when to use it.

The following is an expert from, "Black I Am That I Am God," a pamphlet written by Prophet Peter Banks in 1974.

I bring to my people the same Jesus that is related to Sheba, Cush, Solomon, Abraham, David and Ham (by Hamitic Blood), which is, Black Jesus, and yet, they are not ready for the truth.

It is not easy to lead a group of people when you have commandments from I Am That I Am God. [....] In the history of Moses, many times he had to go upon the mountain to talk to I Am That I Am. I know what he meant when he did this. I too, have to go upon the mountain, every now and then, or occasionally, to pray for my people.

And since I went upon the mountain I come as the shadow of the sun, with a message telling you to come and learn about the Black Jesus, Black Mary, and all the Black prophets.

As I began I come with information of a key that represents both greatness as well as smallness, because this key will open up many minds, many doors, and give much understand to the Coptic Faith. It can only be opened by the key. This key represents the Kingdom of Heaven and Eternal Life.

The Coptic Faith is the oldest religion in the world. It came from Egypt to America. We are now bringing back the same Black Queens and putting them on the throne, as Queen of Sheba in the days of old.

Brothers, Elders, Prophets, Kings, Queens, Visitors and friends, this is the year of 1974, I 'm pouring out love, putting honor back in its place, in America. It can be in you.... You look Black, you will like Black, and you will start seeking for a better understanding - Revelation 1:14.

Breaking the Commandments of God: One of the commandments in God's eyesight is just as great as the others. When you go away from your God and start worshiping another idol image, you have broken your commandment. We call that a bar Jesus. You will find it in Acts 13th chapter, 6th verse.

They called the River Niger, located in West Africa, just like they call Black Niggers today, which are calling on the right God, but they have borrowed them a Jesus. I come to bring back the right Jesus for you to serve. I Am That I Am.

You will find it in Exodus 3:14. Many time you look for a way when He is near, so close until you can accept Him within you.

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