Prophet Jacob, Founder & Leader
Imperial Candace Queen Michal, First Lady & Teacher
Our Mission... Our lofty mission, as imparted to us by our great predecessors, is to educate our people into the conscious reality of BEING our true selves.

We are monotheistic in our knowledge of the Creator of ALL things. We must BE the message that we bring. First, through the primary Divine Principle of LOVE. For truly, OUR GOD is LOVE.

It is our goal to replace falsehood with TRUTH, as truth is the only way to freedom from the bondage and deception of the carnal world of illusions. We are to uplift a down-trodden humanity, despite the tendency of such ones to resist healing in preference to familiar pain. Ours is the task of giving LOVE, without demanding Love in return; To impart Prosperity where there is the illusion of poverty, to give Love where there is the illusion of hatred, to instill healing where sickness has prevailed. To unite a divided people under one divine banner of TRUTH; this We do, without hesitation or reservation. There is but one TRUTH, to which We have gratefully committed our lives.
The Ambassador Queen Mother Ruth Matriarch of The New Covenent... The Ambassador Queen Mother Ruth is the Matriarch of the New Covenant. She was the first member of the New Covenant Coptic Temple and the biological mother of Prophet Jacob Washington, the Founder and Leader of New Covenant Coptic Temple.

The Ambassador Queen Mother Ruth was a shining example of endurance with perserverance. She pressed her way to the Church regardless of personal circumstances or weather conditions.

She was often the first to arrive at the Temple and had to wait for others who she would greet with a smile and uplifting words. A Cancer survivor having lived ten years beyond medical prediction, her testimony was that, "God Did It!" She'd often say, "Trust and Never Doubt and God Will Surely Bring You Out!" Ambassador Queen Ruth made her transition March 12, 2013.

Ambassador Mother Queen Ruth, the Matriarch of the New Covenent will always be mentioned. She will always be remebered for her teaching, her works and testimonies.
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